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The Essential Guide to Choosing Conveyor Systems

Guide to Choosing Conveyor Systems | Conveyor Belt Supplier Philippines

Conveyor systems play important roles in various types of facilities. These machines are fast and efficient mechanical handling systems that can automatically transport loads and materials within an  area. They may be equipped with wheels, rollers, belts, chains or bins that help simplify tasks that are usually too complex for humans.  

While investing in conveyor systems offers advantages such as lessening human error, improving workflow process, overall production time and cutting costs, some considerations must not be overlooked when deciding to purchase conveyor systems. Hayama, a trusted conveyor belt supplier in the Philippines, shares 7 essential factors that can help you choose the right conveyor systems based on your business requirements. 

7 Factors to Consider When Selecting Conveyor Systems  

1. Available Facility Space 

Choose conveyor systems that fit well the available space of your business. Consider your floor space,  ceiling height, and the dimensions of the objects located in your facility. Bigger isn’t always better, especially when your facility space does not permit it. Find a conveyor system that can fit and perform efficiently given the available space in your facility.  

2. Type of Operation 

Consider the type of operation that you are running. Material handling operations have two general categories. The first category is conveying, which takes materials from a pick-up point to its drop-off point. The second category is feeding, which involves a time-sensitive process where the conveyor system is fed materials continuously or in batches. It is best to choose conveyor systems based on how they can adhere and further improve your operational requirements. 

3. Type of Products 

Consider the products you are moving into your facility before buying the conveyors. Are they sensitive to high temperatures? Do they spoil quickly? Are they fragile? There is always a conveyor system that perfectly fits your business needs. Make sure to assess the type of products you’ll handle including their temperature, moisture content, and abrasiveness of materials when choosing a conveyor belt supplier in the Philippines. 

4. Cleaning and Maintenance 

Time varies when dismantling and cleaning the parts of different conveyor systems. Those with lesser joints are easier to clean. The mechanical parts also need regular maintenance to perform properly and maintain low downtime. Breakdown must be avoided to ensure the smooth flow of the operation. It is imperative to also check the after-sales capability of one’s conveyor supplier to avoid any unnecessary costs brought about by missed production output or similar incidents. 

5. Equipment Cost  

Cost is another important consideration to look into. Carefully weigh your price options, the quality of the conveyor systems, and the benefits you will gain out of your purchase in the long run. Installing the wrong conveyor system will have a huge impact on the operational expenses of the business. Sometimes purchasing cheaper conveyors is not the best option as they easily break down and you may have to spend more money on repairs and maintenance in the long-run.  

6. Energy Consumption 

Take note of the amount of energy that the conveyor systems may consume once they start to operate.  Energy-efficient apparatus is the best choice as it can reduce your operational costs and can help improve sustainability within your facility too. 

7. Business Goals 

Your long-term goals also matter when choosing conveyor systems. In general, conveyor systems are a  great investment but you have to look into your future plans to maximize their benefits. Best to always consider the possibility of expanding your business in the future. You can find conveyor systems that are  modular, thus adaptable to your goals and would require less rework and additional expenses in the  future. Just the same, if your current set-up is already permanent, your choice of conveyor belt supplier in the Philippines should be able to meet your present demands and sustain it for the long term. 

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Conveyor systems offer great benefits, especially in facilities that require efficient mechanical handling  systems. Even with the advantages they offer, it is important to look into the most important  considerations when buying conveyor systems. Aside from the essential factors, one important consideration is to partner with a reputable conveyor belt system supplier in the Philippines.This will ensure  that your investment is safe through a partner that can efficiently contribute to the  improvement of your operations.   

Hayama Industrial Corporation (HIC) has been a trusted name in the engineered solutions & fabricated  machine industry in the Philippines since 1979. At present, we provide solutions for a wider range of  business needs from Design, Fabrication, Manufacturing, Repair & Maintenance, Installation, to Technical Transfer of various materials handling systems. If you’re in search of a trustworthy conveyor belt supplier in the Philippines, Hayama can help you. Send us a message now.