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About Us

Hayama Industrial Corporation

Who We Are

Hayama Industrial Corporation is a 100% Filipino owned company founded in 1979. With more than 40 years in the industry, Hayama still aims to maintain industry leadership by providing exceptional services related to packaging equipment, toll packaging/manufacturing operations, environmentally related products, and promotion of agro-industrial and processing technologies.


We remain committed to what we do and only provide products and services with world-class standards from respected suppliers. Our logistics and manpower resources are geared towards building customer loyalty.  


Hayama positions itself as an industrial ally to leading domestic and international companies as we continue to offer strong industrial and manufacturing support that is also key to the country’s economic growth.

Hayama System

Our company follows a system that allows us to function and deliver exceptional results that benefit our people and the clients we serve.


Quality and Schedule

Cost Control

Flexibility and Creativity

Our Mission

We provide the best service value for your project management needs as our service infrastructure are all geared towards building customer loyalty.

Our Vision

We turn your projects into what you actually desire!

The People Behind Hayama

Hayama Industrial Corporation is composed of people who work together towards the success of our customers. Your success is our success too.

Let us work work with you to bring out your competitive edge.

Core Values

Hayama’s fundamental beliefs and ideals are a reflection of how we operate our company. We have deeply ingrained principles that serve as our company’s cornerstones that guide us in what we do and how we transact with our clients.

Transparency and Accountability

Commitment to Quality, health, Safety and Environment


Financial Responsibility

In search of a company who can take care of the manufacturing and fabrication needs of your business?

Let us help you.