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Development of Production Lines

Turn-key Project of Bleach Production Line

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    Bleach Filler Machine

    Hayama Industrial Corporation designed and erected an entire process line for the production of bleach products.

    HIC proudly introduced our very own Bleach Filler Machine, this is where the production starts by filling empty bottles of bleach. The filler machine is made up of chemical-resistant materials such as fiber-reinforced, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polyoxymethylene (acetal) plastic, and titanium steel to be able to withstand the acidity of bleach liquid.

    After the filling process, filled bottles will run through the process line with the use of HIC-fabricated tabletop chains, modular belts, and roller conveyors. The bottles will be capped, labeled, sealed, and packed into boxes throughout the process. These boxes are then put into pallet racks and then transferred by heavy-duty incline live roller conveyors from the production area to the storage areas.

    Thanks to the straightforward design concept and operation process, this production line can run efficiently with a few skilled operators that will monitor and navigates each of the installed equipment.

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