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Bottle Conveying Systems

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    Supply and Installation of Sanitary Bottle Conveyors

    Supply and Installation of Sanitary Bottle Conveyors for the Beverage Production Line

    One of the Hayama Industrial Corporation’s expertise and known product and services in the material handling industry is the manufacturing of bottle conveyors. These sanitary-grade bottle conveyors are made specifically for the handling of bottles for the production of beverage products, from the stainless steel body, chains, and guides, to conveyor covers, and drip trays.

    Bottle conveyors are typically used as interconnecting equipment to handle products between processing machines such as liquid filling machines, bottle washers, pasteurizers, inspection and rejection machines, and packing and unpacking machines. Configurations, throughput, sizes, and dimensions differ on different applications and conditions, that’s where HIC expertise comes in to determine the best product solutions and applications. Also, included with these systems are the full automation programming services to easily run the process leading to high-efficient production.

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